• Administration: 2;
  • Prime Contractor Technical: 3;
  • Heads of works team: 3;
  • General team members: 15.

Outsourcing collaborators with our team:
  • Architectural and design specialist: 2;
  • Plant design specialist: 2;
  • Renewable energy specialist: 1;
  • Ancillary support staff (as required).

Area 2,800 square meters:
  •  1,800 square meters used for vehicle parking area, materials and storage containers for waste recovery;
  • 1000 square meters building ground floor, subdivided into the following areas:
  1. Area used as a workshop and machine shop, 250 square meters;
  2. Area used for joinery, 250 square meters;
  3. Area used for equipment storage, 150 square meters;
  4. Area used for goods storage. Client and logistical management of shipments, 200 square meters;
  5. Temporary storage area for relocations, 150 square meters.

Office buildings:
  • Management and admin offices, 100 square meters;
  • Technical and works control office, 110 square meters.

Operational equipment:
  • Trucks equipped with rear loading ramps;
  • Vans;
  • Cars / trucks;
  • Electric elevators;
  • Forklift trucks;
  • Motorized and hand pallet trucks;
  • Wide range of equipment and specialist trolleys for lifting and moving of heavy equipment and plant;
  • Drills, screwdrivers, hammers, orbital saws, circular saws, welding machines and minor tools;
  • Suction cups and specialised equipment for the installation of laminated safety glass;
  • Pressure washer, landscaping equipment, generator, portable concrete mixer, various specialist tools for masonry and brickwork, air compressors and other tools.