Transport and Relocation

Contract Leonardo offers a complete range of services for logistics, storage and transport of goods and offices including the rental of forklifts, lifting platforms and cranes.
To ensure maximum efficiency our operational headquarters has a large area dedicated to the storage of goods and a large parking area for vehicles.

Services offered:
  • Storage facilities for third parties: deposit service and management goods third account, storage and distribution;
  • Furniture deposit: furniture storage on behalf of third parties;
  • Trucking service for goods, furniture and all the required documentation;
  • Lifting services with a crane: transport and positioning service using vehicles with cranes for both heavy materials and equipment/plant;
  • Forklift rental: forklift rental service with operators;
  • Office relocation: relocation of commercial offices, professional studios and commercial shops/stores;
  • Relocation residential housing: removals of private residential dwellings, with storage and safekeeping of furniture in our secured storage areas;
  • Special transport: high value goods both within Italy and abroad;
  • Transport: Specialist removal of sensitive documents and safe disposal;
  • Waste transport: transport of materials for disposal within all current required guidelines and regulations, including wood, glass, paper, iron, plastics and obsolete fixtures and fittings.