Contract & Engineering

Contract Leonardo by Contract Division offers its customers comprehensive services in the field of Engineering are characterized by technical, organizational and management skills.
A single and clear reference garatisce efficiency in service and peace of mind for the customer.

The Contract & Engineering Division operates in:
  • Supplies 'turnkey'
  • Mechanical engineering
  • Furniture Wood and Glass
  • Constructions
  • Technological
  • Safety

"Turnkey" Solutions
Contract Leonardo offers "turnkey" services for the construction and/or renovation of private premises, commercial shops, offices and professional studios.
We take care of the management of the project in its entirety. Starting from a careful evaluation and design agreed with our clients ...
Mechanical Engineering
Contract Leonardo works in the field of mechanical construction of all types and materials from aluminum to wood. We offer design, construction and full completion.
Our services include:
  • Doors and windows: supply and installation of aluminum, stainless steel, copper and brass windows ...
Furnishings in Wood and Glass
Contract Leonardo works in the field of bespoke and made to measure furniture for the widest range in all product categories for our customers, working in different materials and finishing’s. We offer a full design services, and manufacture/construction through to final completion.

Our ...
Contract Leonardo offers complete services to the construction industry using a team of highly skilled technicians and workers.
Our services:
  • construction and demolition of masonry in general;
  • removal of mezzanine floors, ceilings and partitions in plasterboard;
  • supply and ...
MEP Systems
Contract Leonardo offers technical consultation and implementation solutions for lighting, installation of electrical systems, mechanical and hydraulic energy and energy efficient savings solutions.

Our services:
  • Light assessment and design: lighting calculations with study for all ...
Health and Safety
The implementation of our contracts is important to us, but on an equal basis so is the protection of our clients against risk. For this Contract Leonardo offers security solutions and protection for your assets.

Our services include:
  • Access Control: construction and installation of ...