"Turnkey" Solutions

Contract Leonardo offers "turnkey" services for the construction and/or renovation of private premises, commercial shops, offices and professional studios.
We take care of the management of the project in its entirety. Starting from a careful evaluation and design agreed with our clients through to the delivery of the final solution.

Below is a short list of our work to date.
  • Bank ATMs/counters: implementation of bank counters/ATMs ready for use, from the initial design to delivery of the finished work to our clients;
  • Private residential homes: complete home renovation from design to the interior finishes;
  • Retail Shops: design, renovation and major/minor restructure or modernization/refresh of retail shops;
  • Offices and professional studios: rebuilding or new construction of offices and professional studios ready for use;
  • Full Compliance to all safety and hygiene standards (Legislative Decree no. 81/2008 "Consolidation Act on health and safety in the workplace");
  • Formulation and management of current building practices, permissions, D.I.A., authorizations and other requirements related to relationships with local councils and planning authorities.