MEP Systems

Contract Leonardo offers technical consultation and implementation solutions for lighting, installation of electrical systems, mechanical and hydraulic energy and energy efficient savings solutions.

Our services:
  • Light assessment and design: lighting calculations with study for all types of environments. construction of lighting systems for homes and apartments, studios, shops, churches, meeting rooms, theatres, hotels, pharmacies and restaurants.
  • Electrical: planning and realization of civil electrical installations and plants for industry, banks, shops and trade and exhibition shows, implementation of armored cabling, data transmission and telephone services;
  • Adaptation of electrical equipment according to the law 37/2008 (provision for the installation of systems in buildings);
  • Mechanical-Hydraulic: design and construction of plumbing, mechanical, air-treatment and air-conditioning for public buildings, industrial/factory, banking and retail shops;
  • Water treatment, water softeners, linkage to sewer and water works in general;
  • Energy Saving: technical / economic study for the optimization and upgrading of energy sources (electricity, gas, telephone, lighting);
  • Alternative Energy Sources: Study and implementation of the best techniques and potential in the field of "Renewables" (solar panels, geothermal and wind).