Maintenance and Assembly

Contract Leonardo offers solutions to the most varied needs of its customers.
Our team of highly skilled employees and our lean structure guarantes professionalism, timeliness and efficiency.

Services offered:
  • Organization: implementation and staging of exhibitions, conferences, stands, stages, barriers and outdoor stands for sports and cultural events;
  • Safes: storage, transport and handling with special equipment for safes, ATMs, IT components, computers, electronic components and safes;
  • Emergency services: emergency service for urgent maintenance including construction works in general, window fitment, glazier, joinery and painting/plasterwork;
  • Civil and industrial cleaning;
  • Repairs: of locks, doors, windows, door handles, chairs, cupboards, desks and furniture in general and curtains/blinds;
  • Maintenance: both major and minor, scheduled and as required for electrical, mechanical and plumbing equipment, security, alarm and telephone systems.